For Children

During our 9:30 am service, kids are invited to join us for KidZone. KidZone covers the most well-known Bible stories that all kids should know! During our 11:00 am service kids are invited to go to Sunday School.

For Youth

Sunday School takes place during our 11:00 am service. We all participate in the beginning of the service and then move to the youth room for in-depth discussion of the scripture and lesson. When we aren’t all together, the 7-8 grades are in Sunday School with our Sunday School Coordinator, Tricia. Once a month, we teach the K-6 Sunday School classes in hopes of creating an Intergenerational Sunday School experience. In doing so, we hope to encourage the younger generations to look forward to the fun activities that they can be involved in when they are old enough for youth group.

For Adults

The Adult Sunday School class is really a forum for a variety of topics.  It meets in Plumer Hall before both worship services, at 8:45 and 10:00.  Recent topics have included a survey of world religions, spirituality and activism, common histories of the UCC and Unitarian Universalist Association, faith and images in art and film, and now-lost versions of Christianity.