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IUCC’s yearly Stewardship Campaign supports the church’s needs, funding new and ongoing programs that strengthen our church community while enhancing our ability to build meaningful connections beyond our church walls. Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about Stewardship are posed and answered below, with thanks to United Church of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, for the source materials.

I give every Sunday during worship — why pledge?
Pledging (or estimating your giving) allows your church community to plan for our common life. There will always be opportunities for spontaneous, spirit-led, and heartfelt giving; however, estimating your giving for the year allows the church to plan the extent of its mission and ministry – can we do what we have been called by God to do? Pledges become a touchstone either indicating we can go ahead or we need to rethink what we are doing. As Jesus said, “Who among you would begin to build a tower and not determine the cost?”

How do I pledge?
In the fall, members and those who regularly attend worship services will receive a pledge card through the mail. Pledge cards will be available at church, too. A pledge also can be made online at We ask that pledges
be completed no later than December 1. You may pledge to give a set amount every week or month, or you may determine an annual amount that you estimate you will give, in a pattern to be decided by you.

Is there an amount that I am supposed to pledge?
In a healthy household, every member participates as they are able. This can be your guide to giving. Or, another way to think about your giving is to determine a percentage of your income that your feel you are able to share with IUCC for its common life and ministry. As time goes on, you may want to be challenged to grow in giving by increasing that percentage.

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