the Rev. Dr. Paul Tellström
Senior Pastor
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For eleven years, Paul was on the board of Hope-Net, an interfaith non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating hunger and homelessness in Los Angeles. He is the immediate past president of Hope-Net, an agency that has grown to form a network of twelve food pantries and six feeding programs throughout the city. In addition to food pantries that operate throughout the week, Hope-Net owns Hope-West Apartments, a 17-unit low income apartment complex.

The Rev. Dr. Tellström is the recipient of the 2001 Paul Rothman Humanitarian Award. This award was given in honor of his service to the fight against HIV/AIDS by AIDS ReSearch Alliance.

Paul comes to us as the immediate past Senior Minister of the Mt. Hollywood Congregational Church, where he spent eight years. His work at that church is featured in Dr. William Avery’s book, Revitalizing Congregations, in the chapter entitled, Peace Congregational Church. In 2001, their story was featured on the front page of the Los Angeles Times, and in 2002, he accepted the Martin Luther King, Jr. Award for Social Justice on behalf of the church.

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